Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sun Flare

This week's 'I Heart Faces' photo challenge is titled 'Sun Flare'.  When I read that, I was thrilled ... and immediately went to my two favorite sun flare pictures ... before it dawned on me that neither of them shows a face (one of the main criteria!).  Ah well ... I still like them and thought it would be fun to share them despite their not being challenge-worthy!

Both were actually just shot with my Droid phone. 

This picture does show a face ... it's just not human! :-)  We came upon this dove while we were out on a walk in our neighborhood.  I was dumbfounded as to why a dove was wandering our streets.  And to capture a dove with those brilliant rays raining down from the sky ... it's as if I planned it that way.

With this next picture ... again, no face.  Well, sort of ... I can see the side of my son's face, but it's mostly the back of his head.  This was taken in Cannon Beach at sunset.  We had just finished dinner and I didn't have my regular camera, so I took a quick shot with my Droid, and loved the way the sun's rays surrounded my son.

Do you have any favorite sun flare photos or memories?


Anonymous said...

Wow - both these shots are just fabulous!

Sarah Laurence said...

Those are both gorgeous images - especially the first one.

CC said...

Love the top sun flare picture!!