Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Perfect Picture Book for a Cold, Blustery Night

The cover of this book immediately caught my eye as I walked down the school hallway lined with Scholastic Book Fair books. I mean, really ... just look at it. How can you pass by a picture like that without stopping?

"Bedtime for Little Bears!" (written by David Bedford; illustrated by Caroline Pedler) takes the reader on the sweet, nighttime journey of Little Bear and his mother. Little Bear has had a big day and must be exhausted, but is certainly not going to admit to being sleepy. (A nightly occurrence in our household!)

So ... his mother takes him for a walk to see Little Owl, Baby Hare, Little Fox, and Little Whale all in the midst of their bedtime routines. The story is perfectly sweet (not too much; not too little), and the illustrations, like the cover, are stunning ... a perfect fit for this soothing story.


PJ Hoover said...

It makes me a little chilly! Maybe I should go turn my heat up!

Kelly H-Y said...

PJ! It's so funny that you said that ... in the story, the baby hare takes his nighttime bath in the snow! I shivered when I read that part the first time! :-) So ... you're right ... a bit chilly ... but very sweet too! :-)

Gottawrite Girl said...

Excellent... very sweet, just like you say! I love Polar Bears... LOVE.

: )

Take care, Kelly!!!

Kelly H-Y said...

Hi Susan ... I love Polar Bears too ... they're so cute and cuddly-looking! I often have to remind myself, though ... that that is only true when they're in a book or behind glass at the zoo! Those in the wild might not appreciate me going up and giving them a big hug! :-)

CC said...

cute! Looks like it would go well with the Polar Bear book I talked about yesterday!

Kelly H-Y said...

CC - You're right! Yours looks cute too ... we don't have that one yet! Thanks so much for stopping by!