Thursday, January 8, 2009

Creative Minds ...

Mary Engelbreit calendars always have a way of brightening up your desk space. Today's calendar page made me chuckle ... can you see the quote? It says,

"Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training." Anna Freud

Look at the scrunched-up face of the teacher as she eyes the out-of-the-box artist in the front row ... it just cracked me up. My classes were all business classes ... so that's not terribly creative from the get-go.

I did take a pottery class during Jan-term in college. Luckily, though, the fabulous professor had a much more relaxed face and never-ending patience for us 'trying-to-explore-our-creative-side' business (and other non-art related major) types.

Oh, did I create a lot of heavy-bottomed vessels in that class! My dear, sweet family proudly endured, no ... I mean, displayed them on their desks after I distributed them as gifts. So kind of them ... those pieces of 'art' did a fine job holding pencils and pens for many years.

Wishing you a successful day of creative writing, despite any bad training (or scrunchy-faced teachers) you've endured along the way!


Jeff B said...

Those "creative" always hold a special place in the hearts of relatives. Perhaps not the same thing, but my mom still has a Christmas tree decoration I made in kindergarten.

BTW- loved the expressions on the kids faces opening their gifts. Priceless

PJ Hoover said...

Thanks! You have a great day, too!
One day I want to take a pottery class.

Kelly H-Y said...

Hi Jeff! They do hold a special place ... I'm definitely seeing that now that I'm a parent!

PJ ... yes, I'd like to try one again someday ... maybe strive for that not-so-heavy-bottomed vessel! :-)

Cari Johnson said...

Kelly, I can't find your xmas letter....oops. My address is cariATcarijohnsonDOTcom. Talk to you soon!