Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Summer Torture Plan Enters ... Dare We Say ... "Fun" Territory!

Yes, it is true ... as of late, Braden's been enjoying his summer journaling. OK, OK, I admit ... I do have to, sort of, 'drag' him to the point of actually sitting in front of a table with journal and colored pencils at the ready. BUT, once he's there, our recent experiences have actually been quite enjoyable. He gets excited as we go through the process of drawing what we will be writing about; he tries to spell some of the words on his own before asking for help; and, he's not rubbing his poor eyes to bits with the palms of his hands. All very good signs, in my book!

Recently, we completed a journal page, which I then turned into a 'thank you' card for his grandparents ... THIS, he liked. So ... we're rolling with that ... this week, he drew a picture of himself playing soccer at his school's soccer camp. We'll be turning that into a thank-you card for his soccer camp coach! And, in the midst of many less-than-shining parental moments, I savored just a taste of parenting success when Braden told me, "I'm writing a lot of words on this one [the soccer journal page], because then my writing will get better!" After a brief fainting spell (or maybe it was just my heart leaping with joy), I delightedly agreed, "Yes, Braden, that is absolutely right!"


Jeff B said...

Hi Kelly,

Wanted to drop by and welcome you to the blogging community. Hope you'll find it enjoyable and rewarding.

Akelamalu said...

Jeff said you've just started blogging so I thought I'd welcome you to the blogosphere. Be warned it's very addictive. :)

BTW Good luck with the book.

Sandee said...

Jeff sent me over. Good luck on the your book. I hope it gets published. Welcome to the blogosphere. Have a great day. :)

buffalodick said...

Welcome to blogging. Jeff sent me. You seem like a nice lady... Run! Run screaming away from all this -before it's too late!

CrystalChick said...

Hello! Another follower of Jeff here to say WELCOME! I just had my year anniversary of blogging. It's fun and addicting. Best wishes for your book!

katherine. said...

hey there...another FOJ (Friend of Jeff) stopping by to say welcome!

Mel said...


Please don't be frightened. We're very nice people even though we claim Jeff as a friend.